Do I need a licence for my boat?

The control of the River Great Ouse and Nene is under the Environment Agency and they have a tariff of charges for using a boat on the river, see their website for a list of these tariffs The River Cam is operated by the Cam Conservators and they have a different tariff system for navigation rights The Middle Level is under the authority of the Middle Level Commissioners They make no navigation charge so if you stay exclusively within the Middle Level system you have no fees to pay. If you have a narrow-beam boat and plan to cruise the canal system it might be worth considering a Gold Licence through the Canal and River Trust,, this covers EA controlled waters and the canals. Other regions have their own unique controlling authorities like the Broads Authority. As a minimum most organisations will require an up to date boat safety certificate and minimum third party insurance of £3million prior to accepting a boat on their respective waterway.