Is my boat sea going?

The best answer to this question is to ask how capable the skipper is. Some people cross the Atlantic in a bath tub whilst others struggle in a cross channel ferry! Up until 1998 there was no prescribed definition of sea capability for a boat. However, within the European direction for recreational craft manufactured have to declare the designed usage of a boat. These are the category definitions they use;

  • Class D : Sheltered use on river lakes and bays up to force 4 waves (0.3m)
  • Class C : Open lakes, deltas, coastal waters up to force 6 waves (2.0m)
  • Class B : Coastal waters up to up to force 8 waves (4.0m)
  • Class A : Ocean use, winds in excess of force 8 (It is ultimately that skippers decision as to whether to cruise or not)