What is a C.E. mark / HIN number?

All craft built after 16th June 1998 or those imported from outside the EEC after that date have to carry a C.E. mark. This is usually presented on the boat in the form of a small plate which will include detail of the boat sea keeping ability categorised A-D and also a hull identification number (HIN). The HIN is a code unique to the boat and is present as follows BGJRMCO14A910. This translates as, GB origin of manufacture, JRM registered code for the builder, the following five categories indicate the serial number of the craft as assigned by the manufacturer. The last four characters designate the month and year of production. In this case A is relevant to January, B for February and so on. The 9 represents the year 2009 and the last two digits indicate the model year i.e. a 2010 model. So the above craft was built in the UK by James Reinman Marine in January 2009 and is a 2010 model design. These should also be documented in the file of ships papers confirming certificate of origin etc.