What is strong stream advice?

The Environment Agency regulate the Great Ouse network and will issue a strong stream advice warning when the river starts to flow at an excessive level. This is because of the risks posed to navigation such as reduced bridge clearances and fast currents as well as the Environment Agency’s controls to manage flood risk, i.e. locks and sluices will be chained open to allow the river to flow. When strong stream advice is in place it is sensible to keep off the river, especially near sluices. The Environment Agency issue warnings by text message for strong stream advice which you can subscribe to on their website. Alternatively we run a navigation news page on our website which will keep you updated on all restrictions http://www.jonesboatyard.co.uk/news/. The floodline telephone number for the local waterways is 0845 9881188 and the river reference number for the Great Ouse is 033211, and the Nene 032112.