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This development was a modern interpretation of the classic 27ft boat. This boat was designed by John Welsh and a departure from in-house developments. The medium to shallow V hull together with a long shallow keel allows for an easily handling cruiser. Several other manufactures used Seamaster moulding to produce their own versions. This includes Ardvark Aird marine and latterly Bounty Boats. The hull is still used today by Viking 26 with their 26ft widebeam. The factory built boat is unique in having through standing V berth configuration forward but with the shower toilet compartment extending across the width of the boat. A conventional dinette and galley area is further aft. The craft also has a square foredeck to offer more space. This model has a particular emphasis on reducing production costs, over 400 of these boats were made. The engine installation vary enormously from single petrol shaft drive to twin diesel. Some models had Volvo petrols with outdrive.

Standing headroom in cabin is 6ft. Length of V berth 5ft 3ins.

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