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The Birchwood 22 first came out in 1970 and featured an open plan cabin arrangement for four people. The reasonably sized cockpit had a GRP hardtop fitted. About 100 were built up to 1980. The hull shape is medium V. Various makes and powers of diesel and petrol outdrives were fitted.  The first models were called the interceptor range, had a shorter wheelhouse hardtop and were all outdriven. The 22 version featured a longer hardtop and most models had inboard engines, with conventional shaft drive. The shaft was somewhat protected by a tunnel moulding in the hull. Engines in the early Interceptor versions features Volvo 115/130 petrol outdrive engines. Later Birchwood had Wortham Blake petrol shaft drives.

Standing headroom in cabin is 5ft 10ins. Length of V berth 5ft 11ins, open plan interior. The interior is fitted with a pleasant teak ply finish.

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