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Sold - Nov 19

Sheerline 950 aft cockpit, "Sheer Impulse"

Boat Length: 31ft (9.45m)
Berths: 4
Year: Believed 1995
Fuel Type: Diesel

This very tidy Sheerline 950 has been updated and modernised to high standards. The galley and toilets have been refinished and a built in generator fitted.


Sold - Jun 19

Sheerline aft cockpit tri cab model, "Carousel"

Boat Length: 31ft 4in (9.55m)
Berths: 4+2
Year: Believed 2005
Fuel Type: Diesel

This Sheerline 950 aft cockpit is a high quality river cruiser with spacious accommodation and a sociable cockpit area with seating for up to 8 people.

Sold - Sep 18

Sheerline 950 aft cockpit, "Khaleesi"

Boat Length: 31ft (9.45m)
Berths: 5 plus 2
Year: Believed 1999
Fuel Type: Diesel

This very tidy Sheerline 950 aft cockpit offers easy stern access together with aft cabin. With sreens folded the craft takes advantage of a low airdraught, This is a high specification cruiser.

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Sheerline are based in Wroxham since 1995, George Smith founded the company. Peter Applegate took over the company and has a reputation of building top quality motor boats.

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