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Sealine S23, "Silver Dream"

Boat Length: 25ft (7.62m)
Berths: 4 plus 2
Year: 2002
Fuel Type: Diesel

This is a stylish and very well presented sports cruiser from Sealine which benefits from a diesel engine.


Sealine 285 Ambassador, "Unique"

Boat Length: 28ft 8in (8.74m)
Berths: 4 + 2
Year: Believed 1988
Fuel Type: Diesel

This is a stylish and spacious sports boat from Sealine which benefits from having a full soft top and twin diesels.


Sold - Aug 18

Sealine 290 Ambassador, "Josie"

Boat Length: 31ft 8in (9.65m)
Berths: 4
Year: Believed 1991
Fuel Type: Diesel

This very tidy Sealine 290 Ambassador 290 was re engined with twin Ford diesels in 2005. The craft has been constantly updated by her current owners. The platform and transom door allow easy access.

Sold - Jul 18

Sealine 240, "Un named"

Boat Length: 24ft (7.32m)
Berths: 4
Year: Believed 1995
Fuel Type: Petrol

The sealine 240 is a well designed British built sports cruiser. The cabin and cockpit space provide a generous blend of space.

Sold - May 18

Sealine S24, "Limelight"

Boat Length: 24ft 8in (7.52m)
Berths: 4
Year: Believed 2001
Fuel Type: Petrol

The sealine 24 is a striking British sports cruiser which makes clever use of the internal cabin space yet also features a large social cockpit.

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Sealine were founded in 1972 based in Kidderminster Worcester. They were set up by boat enthusiast Tom Murrant. The company started with small weekender craft and have built up their range to produce large luxury offshore cruisers. Their designs are often quite individual and well thought out.

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