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Sold - Jul 20

Shetland 4 plus 2, "Kabouter"

Boat Length: 21ft (6.40m)
Berths: 4
Year: Believed 1987
Fuel Type: Petrol

The Shetland 4 plus 2 is a great familyboat ideal for river use.


Sold - Jun 20

Shetland 4 plus 2, "Kingfisher"

Boat Length: 21ft (6.40m)
Berths: 4 plus 2
Year: Believed 2004
Fuel Type: Petrol

This Shetland 4 Plus 2 hardtop is a practical river cruiser with generous accommodation for her compact size.


Sold - Dec 19

Shetland 4 plus 2, "Shetland 4 plus 2"

Boat Length: 21ft (6.40m)
Berths: 4 plus 2
Year: 2000
Fuel Type: Petrol

This Hardtop version Shetland 4 plus 2 was

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The 4 plus 2 is a sophisticated boat with modern facilities to include hot water, central heating and fridge. An outboard pod is fitted which increases overall length. An older version of the 4+2 was built between the years 1982-1997.

Standing headroom in cabin is 5ft 9ins. Length of V berth 5ft 8ins.

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