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Sold - Oct 21

Mayland Maestro, "Unnamed"

Boat Length: 17ft 9in (5.50m)
Berths: 2 plus 2
Year: Believed mid 90s
Fuel Type: Petrol

This Mayland maestro is a tidy example of this river, canal cruiser. the craft benefits from a little used outboard supplied October 2011


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Mayland Boat Information

This East Anglian based boat builder were prolific manufacturers of small craft suitable for estuary and river use.The craft were built in Lower Mayland Essex hence the name! Mayland are instantly recognisable because they always built their craft using simulated clinker design. Most of their craft were in the 15ft to 20ft size although latterly, they produced boats up to 22ft. In the early part of the millennium, the company started to produce more modern designs. The traditional range were branded as fisherman boats and several cruising versions known as Cabin Maestro and Topaz became available. These are fairly rare craft that were marketed by Nautition boats.

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