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Seamaster 30, "Invictus"

Boat Length: 30ft (9.14m)
Berths: 6
Year: Believed 1974
Fuel Type: Diesel

This twin diesel engined seamaster 30 is a spacious and comfortable cruiser.The craft offers 6 berths in 3 cabins


Seamaster 725, "Special Lady"

Boat Length: 23ft 10in (7.26m)
Berths: 4
Year: Believed 1980
Fuel Type: Diesel

The Seamaster 725 is one of the last models made by this popular company. This craft benefits from a replacement diesel engine and updated open plan interior.


Sold - Aug 18

Seamaster 8m, "Becky Boo"

Boat Length: 27ft (8.23m)
Berths: 4
Year: mid 70s
Fuel Type: Diesel

A comfortable and practical river cruiser from Seamaster which benefits from from a partial recent refit.


Sold - Jun 18

Seamaster 27, "Nomad"

Boat Length: 26ft 8in (8.13m)
Berths: 4
Year: Believed mid 60's
Fuel Type: Diesel

The Seamaster 27 is a very practical river boat with separate forward cabin. Nomad has been re engined with a more modern diesel unit.


Sold - Jul 18

Seamaster 27, "Wayward Wind"

Boat Length: 26ft 8in (8.13m)
Berths: 4
Year: Believed 1968
Fuel Type: Petrol

The Seamaster 27 is a great family river cruiser with a separate forward cabin


Further Information on Seamaster Boat Models

Seamaster Boat Information

Seamaster boats goes back to 1944 when Dick Sparrow(originally a cabinet maker)left London with his caravan, arriving to a field in Dunmow, Essex, which he eventually bought together with some ex W.D. tin sheds. These were used for Dick's original business, making toys, before going into caravan production. These models were called Vanmaster, and 250 caravans were built in total. In 1951, Vanmaster branched into a small boat production, introducing the Seamaster name. Up until 1960, the company was hugely successful, building some 200 craft between 17ft and 26ft. (Dick Sparrow also went onto work with Appleyard and Lincoln of Ely to help develop the Elysian 27)

Seamaster Boat Additional Information

Unfortunately, Dick Sparrow's health failed and Seamaster was acquired by the Brunning family in 1961. At this time, Pat Noyes was appointed as director and general manager. During this period, new models were developed, including the 25, 27, 30 and 8mtr. Seamaster continued throughout the 70s despite the high VAT levys in 1974,but ceased building in 1981. Pat Noyes took over the company name, which in 1983/84 was sold to Bob Chapman of Viking boats, who continues to this day making craft under the famous model name.

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